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Michael Casado

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Michael Casado

Michael Casado is a music writer and producer who started his own label last 2014. The site will welcome you with a full-width photo banner. A music player is placed on the left side of the banner. Each section has a filtered background photo. Most of the links of the site will direct you to their Spotify page.

Below the Playlist Collection section are thumbnails that are divided into four columned contents that have a White filter when hovered. On the People Say section, the thumbnails will direct you to another page. The Releases page has a photo banner that changes every second and the contents are arranged into three columns.

The site uses a lot of photos but it does not look overwhelming. Some of the colors are used as the filters of the photos. Overall, the site looks stunning and unique.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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