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MxU is a one-day FOH mixing event for the engineer, the musician, & the creative. As I access the site, I noticed on the navigation bar the Explore button. When clicked, a menu appears on the right side of the page where some of the links will direct you to an external page. A full-width photo banner will welcome you to the site. The contents of the banner are placed in a sliding section.

The contents of the News section has smooth transitions when hovered. Tabs can be seen on the About page. It consists of the names of the team members. Contents of the News page are in an accordion.   

Each of the section and page of the site has a wavy background. The Black and Yellow colors never fail to complement each other. Texts can be read clearly because of the simple san serif fonts and good font sizes.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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