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One thing is for sure; when it rained “simplicity” and “minimalism”, Naradosti got like 99% of the downpour…

…and I’m only being partially metaphorical, being mostly literal!

I might sound sarcastic, but I find their approach in the design really unique and creative. When you think about it if you have a Steampunk jewelry business and you only care about showcasing your products online to increase your outreach, why bother telling anything and just show your products literally? I mean, if your products are good, it will look good by itself without a single word you telling it!

Moving on…

On their Home page, you’d see nothing but moving images of various Steampunk animals that represent the navigation link to the site’s other pages.

Similar to the Home page, visiting the Gallery page , you’d see mostly a white background with a lot of Steampunk jewelry designs. Each of these is animated and is an image lightbox, allowing you to see the image for more clearly and observe the tiny details.

The Score page is somewhat similar to the Gallery, but instead, each image has a button with the text of its price and clicking it will allow you to put it in the cart… just like an online shop do.

If the above-mentioned pages couldn’t get any simpler, the Contacts page contains almost really nothing but an enlarged text of the business’s contact details and just a white background with animated particles.

Overall, Naradosti is truly a unique website that takes advantage of how humans appreciate visually appealing things rather than read their descriptions. That being said, go and check this site, you’ll love it!

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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