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The Design Creative


The Design Creative

The Design Creative creates affordable WordPress websites for small businesses and individuals. A photo banner is the first thing that the site will welcome you. Below are rectangular boxes that the color fades when hovered. Testimonials of people are simply placed in a slider.  

Contents of the Projects page are divided into three and it changes its color to Old Rose and moves to the motion of the cursor when hovered. The contents can also be sorted by categories. On the Let’s Start page, an accordion can be noticed on the left side of the page and a form on the other. The Blog page has a navigation on the left side and articles are placed on the right side.

Dark Khaki and Black are the color theme of the site. Contents are simply organized and well-aligned. The texts can be read easily because of the use of fonts. Overall, the site has its minimalistic look yet it looks stunning.

This website is a featured example and not created by Elementor Resources team.

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