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Restaurant Kit

Restaurant Kit

This template requires the PRO version of Elementor. Also check this tutorial on how to import & use Elementor templates.

Downloading the FREE Elementor Restaurant Template Kit gives you the following:

The Home page, About Us page and Contact Us page. Also sub-pages like Blog archive page, Blog post page, 404 page and a Popup template!

This template requires the Elementor Pro version. Check discounts.


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  1. Bİlal

    Hey, I can not import Restaurant – Home file. It gıve tons of “undefined” error.

  2. Rey Mark

    How do I use this Restaurant website template?

    Help please!

  3. Don Lucas Xwerax

    I”ve been looking for a restaurant website template available for Free download!

    This helps my Restaurant a lot!


  4. Nither Cox

    Awesome elementor template kit!

    I hope more free template kits like this could be done!

  5. Claire Fox

    The Home page is super slick!

    I like that it’s very clean and focuses on Asia food!

  6. Shira Greene

    This Elementor template kit is excellently designed!

    However, much of the content is confusing and how it is structured is misleading. Can you update that?

    It’s still awesome though!

    1. Elementor Resources

      Hi Shira,

      How is it misleading? Can you please elaborate?

      1. Sonia

        I think Shira meant that there’s no obvious structure to much of the pages. You guys used a lot of inner sections, which may not be the best option for this.

        Regardless, I think you guys did a decent job making this!

  7. Pierre-Yves

    Hi there,

    Very beautiful theme.
    But i don’t understand how menu page works. I must duplicate Restaurant Menu template for each tab ? Why are some items in grey ?

    Best regards,

    1. Elementor Resources

      Hi Pierre,

      Some items are grey because it’s supposed to be dynamic 🙂

      But we’re still updating this Template Kit at the moment anyway so stay tuned!

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