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How to Change the Tablet and Mobile Breakpoints in Elementor

How to Change the Tablet and Mobile Breakpoints in Elementor

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Your site can easily go wrong with just a few changes on the screen size. Columns, paddings, and margins, for example, can get tangled when your site’s breakpoint aren’t set up properly.

Breakpoint is defined as point a which your site’s content will respond. For an instance, you may want a column to drop under another column at a certain breakpoint. Some themes have set breakpoints by default and are not editable. However, Elementor helps you in giving your customers the best experience by allowing you to set breakpoints with just a few clicks.

Wanna know how? Let’s get started!
Step 1
In your Admin dashboard go to Elementor > Settings.

Step 2
Go to Style tab.

Step 3
Change the default value of the Tablet Breakpoint and Mobile Breakpoint for the responsiveness of your site.


Simple and easy, right?

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  1. Rubb

    Need breakpoint for laptops

  2. Brian

    Is there a code to make a smaller version of the desktop when rotating to landscape on mobile. I love the vertical look design I created on mobile but when I rotate it, it looks like crap. I’d like to force a scaled down version of desktop when rotated to mobile. Is this possible?

  3. Adam

    Hi, one column in my header template still think that my tablet breakpoint is the default 1025 px however I have changed it in the elementor settings to 1038. This means that between 1025 and 1038px one column is missing. How this is possible? Cache is definitely parsed.

  4. Brian Homer

    Seriously this is awful from Elementor. On an iPad 2018 I cannot get the portrait view to look right – it looks nothing like the 768 preview.

  5. Hi, is there a way to make all breakpoints the same so i have only one breakpoint? I mean, i want no breakpoints at all and use the same layout for all views.

  6. Tomas

    This doesn’t work in my case, how can I fix it? No matter what I set breakpoint is 750 from tablet to mobile and 1010 from pc to tablet.

    1. jamie moffatt

      I have the same issue did you find a fix?

  7. Paul

    I don’t understand why they didn’t match the default breakpoints with the preview breakpoints in the editor. In fact I can’t find anyway to change the responsive mode preview breakpoints.

  8. Cortex

    We need to be able to add additional custom breakpoints. There should be like 15 of them.

  9. Andrea

    Bonjour, ma personnalisation du point de rupture tablette n’est pas prise en charge, je souhaite mettre 1112px au lieu du 1025px par défaut, ça ne fonctionne pas, il doit être contraint par quelque chose mais je ne trouve pas quoi…

  10. shirsish

    how to give breakpoint less than the default value?

  11. Lisan

    Yes!!! A least 4 Breakpoints we need

  12. maxmaxed

    No, we need more breakpoints!

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